KCR 1980s EMD G26CU 'Peter Quick' No.60 (SPG GP38-2 Livery)


Exactly the same locomotive as KCR 1996s EMD G26CU 'Peter Quick' No.60, but 16 years earlier.
The 1980s is a massive change for KCR that
1: They changed the logo from the KCRD's (as KCRD DMU MC 1960s) to the KCRC's (which itself got modify 16 years later).
2: 1983 marked the era where KCR adapted the EMU as regular service, result as
3: All locomotive are now freight only.
Responding to this change, the livery scheme changed from the 1950s Dark Green to the 1980s Light Blue/Grey.
The weathered version's effect is less visible compare to the 1996s Red consider most locomotive are still in good condition in 1980s.


Sand Patch Grade (SPG) DLC
Raging Lighting's TSW2 Livery Manager

Installation Instructions

See this video:

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RF_CSXGP38-2;KCR 1980 G26CU (W) SGP382.tsw2liv 57 KB · Downloaded 10×
RF_CSXGP38-2;KCR 1980 G26CU SGP382.tsw2liv 57 KB · Downloaded 7×


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