Class 47 Network Southeast (Revised)

This mod adds the Revised version of the Network Southeast Class 47!

Really missed out on having this in game so I thought I'd make one,
as with my GNER livery it's a bit spotty here and there, some issues with the texture mapping but better than nothing!
Do let me know on the TSC Discord if there are any issues.

UPDATED 13/05/2022:
**With a MASSIVE thanks to Foobian, you can now download the reskin without reversed logos AND the reskin will now appear as a seperately selectable loco, no longer replacing the BR Blue 47! **

I've updated the downloads to include the new version,
but you can still get the original downloads if you want all the AI to use the NSE 47 too.

!TS2Prototype-Laika-Foob-Class47-NSE-Rev = This ADDS a NSE 47, allowing you to keep the BR Blue 47 - It also has a fixed logo that is no longer reversed!
!TS2Prototype-Laika-Class47-NSE-Rev.pak = This replaces the BR Blue 47 with a NSE 47 that has a logo (note the logo will be reversed on one side).
!TS2Prototype-Laika-Class47-NSE-Rev-NOLOGO.pak = This replaces the BR Blue 47 with a NSE 47.


Northern Trans-Pennine

Installation Instructions

Just drop into your DLC folder!

Tags: br nse


!TS2Prototype-Laika-Class47-NSE-Rev-NOLOGO.pak 4 MB · Downloaded 15×
!TS2Prototype-Laika-Class47-NSE-Rev.pak 4 MB · Downloaded 20×
!TS2Prototype-Laika-Foob-Class47-NSE-Rev.pak 5 MB · Downloaded 35×

Previously uploaded files have been downloaded 12 times before being withdrawn.


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