DB BR 425 - DB Regio NRW

This is a texture replacement reskin with "DB Regio NRW" stickers for the Baureihe 425.


Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr

Additional Comments

Please note that no new selectable repaint is added here, but the existing paint is replaced. To restore the original paint, simply remove this repaint.

Please also note that only on one side of the cars the stickers are displayed correctly. On the other side they are mirrored.

A big thank you from me to Nina for creating her "shiny" update, which makes the BR 425 shine very nicely, and for the permission to include it!

Tags: br-425 db-regio nrw


[AL] TSW2RH_DTG_BR425_NRW.7z 33 MB · Downloaded 252×
[AL] TSW2RH_DTG_BR425_NRW.pdf 705 KB · Downloaded 96×

Previously uploaded files have been downloaded 53 times before being withdrawn.


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Mr Creeper 27 Apr 2021

Thank you so much for this Repaint! I've been waiting for a NRW BR 425 to come out

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About this mod

27 Apr 2021
19 Aug 2021
Train Sim World 2
Type of content
Steam version (UE4 4.26)
Reskin type
Replaces existing skin