British Rail loco and unit sub mods (ongoing.)

This page contains files to do the following.
*LMCPacer.pak * Take stock from the fantastic BPool Ormskirk Paceroptions and offer them as subs on Northern Trans Pennine.
One issue, I hope to resolve later is the 13:09 Manchester to Leeds service. It can only be driven by the 101 either from free roam or selection. Choosing the Pacer will result in an end of session scenario.
31onntp.pak Adds the Class 31 to the base Northern Trans Pennine formations.
NTP31Freight.pak Adds the Class 31 to aspects of the Heavy Freight Pack addon. (light moves, Van collection, Newspaper moves.

TVL124150sub.pak Brings the Pacer and the 150 onto TVL in service mode to run the 2 car formations.

Thanks to AlexanderL for providing access to the Class31 files


TS2Prototype-31onntp.pak 38 KB · Added 9 days ago · Downloaded 171× TS2Prototype-LMCPacer.pak 7 KB · Added 10 days ago · Downloaded 229× TS2Prototype-NTPFreight31.pak 2 KB · Added 9 days ago · Downloaded 148× TS2Prototype-TVL142150sub.pak 20 KB · Added 9 days ago · Downloaded 187×


Avatar of Scorpion71
Scorpion71 9 days ago

Do you have any plans to sub in the BPO Class 47's in NTP?

Avatar of ROB S
ROB S 9 days ago

Already works

Avatar of Miguel
Miguel 9 days ago

Could you possibly do this for Tees Valley also?

Avatar of MoRoN222
MoRoN222 9 days ago

Hey I know this is not the right mod but could you please look into making the ICE 3 railbow livery mod TSW4 compatible? thanks in advance

Avatar of Get-Geeky
Get-Geeky 9 days ago

Hey man, awesome mod. Working well for the most part but found a weird bug, no idea if it happens for anyone else but if you load up the 09:14 Manchester to Leeds service from the timetable you load up either under the map or on top and just fall downwards. Seems to work for the 09:04 one before it though ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

edit: i realise i should say its the pacer this bug, not tried any other loco's yet

Avatar of ROB S
ROB S 9 days ago

Sounds like the bug I mentioned above. You can drive the 101 or spawn on foot, and drive the 101. It wont break the game as long as you dont select the Pacer for that service.

Avatar of ROB S
ROB S 9 days ago

If you get the owners permission. I can look into it for you at some point.

Avatar of Get-Geeky
Get-Geeky 9 days ago

it's all good, not a major issue as you can drive the pacer on most other services it seems plus you did us all a good turn to get the pacer to play in the timetables on these routes in a short time so hats off to you there.

Avatar of Morelocolayer
Morelocolayer 7 days ago

37 on NTP ?

Avatar of ROB S
ROB S 7 days ago

I’ll need to look at somepoint. Add the necessary tag.

Avatar of FileTrekker
FileTrekker 6 days ago

It would be nice to bring the 150 as a sub to Blackpool and NTP.

Avatar of ROB S
ROB S 17 hours ago

its been seen as static stock at Preston after installing the TVL142150 sub mod. I cant add it as anything else to the Blackpool route, due to it being incompatable with the 101 and 142.

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