Black LMS Jubilee TSW2/TSW3

This is a very quick mod of the Jubilee to make it black instead of green.

It's not prototypical, but I hope to add the white lines/other parts of the livery at a later date.

UPDATED TSW3 Compatible (08/06/2023)

Just a quick update to various textures, also compatability with my mod Better Green Jubilee
(Recommend you download the main Better Green pack to remove lines/dirtier M map)

UPDATED TSW3 Compatible (05/10/2022)

With another big thanks to Alexander L., this mod is now compatible with TSW3!

You'll have to download the new file for TSW3, and the old one for TSW2!

UPDATED (02/06/2022)

Massive thanks once again to Alexander L.,
Thanks to their work this will now appear as a seperate livery, meaning the green one will still be around!


Installation Instructions

Just drop into your DLC folder

Tags: br british-railways jubilee lms spirit-of-steam steam


!Laika-Alex-BlackJubilee-TSW3.pak 8 MB · Added 8 Jun 2023 · Downloaded 313×

TSW3 Version

!TS2Prototype-Laika-Alex-BlackJubilee.pak 8 MB · Added 2 Jun 2022 · Downloaded 514×

TSW2 Version

Previously uploaded files have been downloaded 146 times before being withdrawn.


Avatar of acela2163
acela2163 3 Jun 2022

Just a heads up, this mod seems to prevent Livery Designer creations from being selected in the timetable menu.

Avatar of CrAzZyKiLLa
CrAzZyKiLLa 3 Jun 2022

Noticing this myself. Downloaded liveries are no longer selectable in the Q menu but do still show up on AI trains.

Avatar of Laika
Laika 4 Jun 2022

oh that's not good! I'll look into it, thanks for letting me know!

Avatar of Laika
Laika 12 Jun 2023

It won't, don't worry!

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