Bakerloo Line Enhancement Pack 4.26

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This pack includes a variety of big and small changes for both the route and 1972TS.

What's included:

  • Posters and advertisements updated from generic looking to real life versions
  • Brand new station announcements voiced by Emma Clarke
  • 'Mind the gap' & 'Stand clear of the doors' announcements when operating the doors on the 1972TS
  • Brand new ballast textures, for a more realistic look and feel to the track
  • New clutter textures including The Metro newspaper stands and London Underground branded CCTV cameras
  • Station furniture repainted from GWE purple to LO blue

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Bakerloo Line DLC

Installation Instructions

Simply install to your DLC folder, located at: ...steamapps\common\Train Sim World 2\WindowsNoEditor\TS2Prototype\Content\DLC

Tags: 1972-stock bakerloo bakerloo-line tsw-2


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Avatar of Merica
Merica 4 months ago

Much appreciated, thank you!

Avatar of DingDangDoodle
DingDangDoodle 4 months ago

Would it be possible to add new passenger door sounds?

Avatar of Matthew L
Matthew L 4 months ago

How does this mod interact with the 72 Stock mod?

Avatar of another_pointless_account

This is great. Still feels a bit too clean though. The grime is what makes the tube the tube.

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