Rapid Transit Ballast And Grass Tweaks

  • by Mr.Shiiba
  • Downloaded 241 times

Content added

  • Changed grass colour to be less neon green and more natural
  • Changed ballast texture for ones from DRA as they look much better
  • Dresden red edition for those that want something random

Known issues:
Currently none found


For this mod to work you must own:

  • Rapid Transit


ShibRTGreyBallast.pak 92 MB · Downloaded 133×
ShibRTRedBallast.pak 92 MB · Downloaded 108×


Avatar of Future
Future 7 days ago

Looks great, just a small little erratum in the title, it says 'Ballest' instead of 'Ballast'. Great job anyways!

Avatar of Mr.Shiiba
Mr.Shiiba 6 days ago

oh lol i was tired when i wrote it
just imagine its spelt right

Avatar of Hand92250
Hand92250 7 days ago

Good job !

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