Metro Cammell 1972 Tube Stock – Old Style Destination Blind

Older styled destination blind perfectly fitting for "Unrefurbished" reskins

Additional Comments

Please note that this does not add a new style, but replaces the existing destination blind. To restore the original destination blind, you simply have to remove this modification.

Update 17.02.2022:

  • Added blinds for the Expansion Pack 1972TS version


[AL] TSW2RH_DTG_1972TS_OldDestinations.7z 4 MB · Downloaded 510×
[AL] TSW2RH_DTG_1972TS_OldDestinations.pdf 710 KB · Downloaded 267×
TS2Prototype-AL_RH_1972TS_ExP-OldDestinations.pak 63 KB · Downloaded 315×

Previously uploaded files have been downloaded 135 times before being withdrawn.


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