DB BR 423 - Schnellfahrstrecke Köln - Aachen

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This Mod replaces the formations of the BR 422 so that BR 423 are running on Cologne - Aachen instead.
• “TS2Prototype-AL_RH_DB423_SKA.pak” includes the necessary timetable changes, a suitable “S-Bahn Köln” livery (version 1) and suitable destinations.
• (optional) “TS2Prototype-AL_RH_DB423_SBK_nonmirrored.pak” includes a “S-Bahn Köln” livery (version 2) with less detail so that the mirrored texture is less noticeable.
• (optional) “TS2Prototype-AL_RH_DB423_SKA_withoutRRO.pak” enables the S-Bahn layer if you do not own Rhein-Ruhr Osten.


Hauptstrecke München - Augsburg, Matrix Destination Displays Characters Expanded (DB BR 422, 423, 425)

Additional Comments

Update 13.10.2021:
Updated for DB BR 187 layer
Added layer enabler in case you do not own RRO

Tags: 422 423 db koln-aachen replacement s-bahn substitution


TS2Prototype-AL_RH_DB423_SKA_withoutRRO.pak 2 KB · Downloaded 94×
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TS2Prototype-AL_RH_DB423_SKA.pak 34 MB · Downloaded 221×
TS2Prototype-AL_RH_DB423_SBK_nonmirrored.pak 41 MB · Downloaded 307×

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Avatar of EiHowa
EiHowa 4 months ago

Very nice mod but is it possible to bring another Version with the S3/S4 destinations from München-Augsburg not changed aswell as no repaint for the 423?

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Avatar of Sr1
Sr1 3 months ago

This mod should also add SKA layer for DB BR 420 when it comes out.

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Avatar of TripleJ814
TripleJ814 3 months ago

Will you be making a version without the repaint or the destination changes?

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Avatar of acela2163
acela2163 2 months ago

Going to add my voice to the comments asking for a version without the repaint/PIS changes. Since the AI can't use the destinations on SKA, it means that the destinations now don't work on either route.

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Avatar of solicitr
solicitr one month ago

Query- if you do own RRO and/or HRR, will this mod replace that (correct) 422 with the 423?

Avatar of Alexander L.
Alexander L. one month ago

No, it won't

Avatar of solicitr
solicitr one month ago


Avatar of Chacal
Chacal one month ago

Hello, thanks for this mod !
Maybe a dumb question but the Ai trains always show only "DB... NRW", is it not possible to show the actual destination even when its inside SKA ?

Avatar of Veronika Aegis
Veronika Aegis 6 days ago

Can't seem to get it working in any way. I have all the requirements, but the 423 doesn't show up anywhere. Installed it both manually and through the mod manager, but still nothing. :/

Update: Fixed it. I was placing the mods on the wrong folder.

Update 2: Now it's crashing when loading any train on the route.

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