LIRR - Right Round

This is a as-close-as-possible port of the "Right Round" scenario for the TSW1 route "Northeast Corridor New York" to TSW2's and TSW3's "Long Island Rail Road" route using the stock from the "Northeast Corridor: Boston - Providence" DLC.

Scenario Details

Name: Right Round
Description: Complete an empty stock move from New York Penn to Sunnyside Yard via the train wash.
Duration: 20-25 minutes

Tags: acs-64 lirr


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Avatar of TripleJ814
TripleJ814 25 Dec 2022

Would it be possible to do the New York Nuisance scenario too? The one with the Amtrak switcher where you take it from Sunnyside Yard, rescue a faulty ACS-64 from Penn Station, and bring it back to Sunnyside. The MP15DC can replace the Amtrak SW1000R

Avatar of Lunamoon
Lunamoon 24 Jan 2023

Once I get my Amtrak MP15DC skin into standalone form (like the AC6000CW) then I'll work towards making that scenario. It's very much on my list. Just have to get the instructions from the original TT file.

Avatar of Scott N
Scott N 12 Feb 2023

How do you get a custom scenario to appear in a menu for a route? I'm having no succes with it.

Avatar of Dinosbacsi
Dinosbacsi 18 Feb 2023

As someone who has never got the original NEC route and loves LIRR, this was great fun! Going around the baloon track into Sunnyside Yard was an interesting experience, as on LIRR it always was just an empty area off to the sides, felt almost like an out-of-bounds secret.

Thanks for this, my dudes. Keep up the good work!

Avatar of Scott N
Scott N 22 Feb 2023

Is it possible to redo the NEC scenario that used the SW 1000r to build train formations in Sunnyside Yard? But to use MP 15 to switch cars around.

Avatar of Lunamoon
Lunamoon 26 Feb 2023

Yes, Keystone Cutting and the rescue scenario New York Nuisance are in the works!

Avatar of JBViper
JBViper 27 days ago

I enjoyed this scenario, thank you very much for your mutual work.

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