[ALPHA 0.2] CFR Class 40

We've seen many new trains get added into the game by the modding community, but so far none have been released. Well, today I change that.

This is my CFR Class 40/060-EA/Electroputere LE5100kW mod, featuring the Red/White and a Blue Stripe liveries. The mod was made in collaboration with the lovely Foob, and although not featuring a 060-EA cab or sounds yet, I plan on changing that soon enough.

Version Alpha 0.2:
-added new pictures to the loco selection display
-Red/White Class 40 now substitutes passenger services.


This mod requires BRO to work (the loco is based on the BR155.)

Installation Instructions

just drop the .pak file in your DLC folder.

Tags: cfr electric locomotive romanian


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Avatar of Alex
Alex 26 Feb 2023

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Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 26 Feb 2023

Avatar of Xelion
Xelion 26 Feb 2023

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Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 26 Feb 2023

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Avatar of Laika
Laika 26 Feb 2023

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Avatar of StenioBlackHawnk
StenioBlackHawnk 26 Feb 2023

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Avatar of Redstoneia
Redstoneia 26 Feb 2023

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Avatar of Markus
Markus 26 Feb 2023

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Avatar of Raphael
Raphael 26 Feb 2023

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Avatar of Folezz
Folezz 27 Feb 2023

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Avatar of Maple
Maple 28 Feb 2023

quick poll for Alpha 0.3:
Would you mind if the BR155 cab slightly sticks out of the top of the loco, if it makes all the buttons usable?
https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/373092126155603971/1068632584361353248/image.png?width=1193&height=671 (early development pic showcasing the sticking out of the top I mentioned)

Avatar of annadess
annadess 28 Feb 2023

🇷🇴 🇷🇴 🇷🇴

Avatar of Dinosbacsi
Dinosbacsi 2 Mar 2023

Damn, wanted to try this out, then I saw it requires BRO :'(
I have the RSN 155, but not BRO.

Avatar of Luca0800
Luca0800 3 Mar 2023

Will you make it possible to use the RSN 155 without the Bremen-Oldenburg add-on?

Avatar of Maple
Maple 15 Mar 2023

Unfortunately, I don't have the RSN 155, so probably not.

Avatar of Commander
Commander 31 Mar 2023

Sorry what doeas BRO mean? I have downloaded and installed this mod but I cannot make the locomotive spawn at all. I came back here and read that it requires BRO but what is BRO?

Avatar of Foobian
Foobian 31 Mar 2023

Bahnstrecke Bremen - Oldenburg
It's a DLC abbreviation

Avatar of Commander
Commander 2 Apr 2023

Ah thanks for the info :)

Avatar of Dryn
Dryn 16 Apr 2023

doesn't work.

Avatar of Marvin400
Marvin400 29 Aug 2023

I love this mod its so fun to have other Ai Locos driving around like this. And I really would love if you could make a BR245 from the BR146.

Avatar of Nikolai Garfield
Nikolai Garfield 27 Oct 2023

Does it have some progress after PC Editor appearance?

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