PRESS 110 '043-6' (BOG BR 110 Livery) [TSW3]

TSW3/4 Only
Thanks to Rob S who made the PRESS logo, Maple for weathering
Note: The'SV WT' has been updated with better weathering at 05-13-2023 by Maple

PRESS, or Eisenbahn-Bau- und Betriebsgesellschaft Pressnitztalbahn mbH, was created with strong relationship to Pressnitztalbahn, a narrow gauge railway in Saxony, Germany.
PRESS operated local passenger service, historical locomotive trip and construction and freight services.
Pressnitztalbahn created PRESS to allow their active volunteer member enter the real railway industry.
PRESS owns the following locomotives:
DR: BR01.5,44, 86, 95, V10, 60, 100, 180, E42, BR155
DB: ER20, TRAXX Diesel, E10, E40, TRAXX Electric
According to source, there are two different liveries.
'XP'=Expertimental, seems shortly carried by the BR110 for a few weeks without logo at front and rear and smaller logo on side.
'SV'=Service, seems being the majority of the livery with logo at front and rear and large logo at side.
'SV WT'=Service, weathered by Maple UPDATED SINCE 05-12-2023 BY MAPLE
This livery was created with Rob S producing the template of the logo.


Bahnstrecke Bremen - Oldenburg (BOG) DLC


GitHub - RagingLightning/TSW3-LM

Author set a thread in TSC Discord's Modding Channel if need support.

Installation Instructions

See this video:
NOTICE: There are change to TSW3LM but the installation part should be the same. contact RagingLighting on TSC Discord if you need support

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PRESS 110 043-6 'SV' BOG for RF_BRO_DB_BR110.tsw3 954 KB · Added 7 Dec 2022 · Downloaded 367× PRESS 110 043-6 'Xp' BOG for RF_BRO_DB_BR110.tsw3 555 KB · Added 7 Dec 2022 · Downloaded 288× PRESS_110_043-6_SV_WT_for_RF_BRO_DB_BR110.tsw3 1 MB · Added 5 Dec 2023 · Downloaded 117×

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