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The original Horseshoe Curve sandbox time table ported over to TSW4 for use in time table mode. Just like the previous time table there are no active AI trains and tons of rolling stock and locomotives to switch about and arrange.

The SD40's and GP38's that you spawn from the in game menu or God Mode plugin do not load up on the traction motors so they are immobile however the assets in the Sandbox time table will work as intended so if you want to use GP38's and SD40's the best way to do it is with this time table mod since the spawn menu breaks them.

When you spawn into the game you will have a service attached to your locotmotive, do not allow the locomotive to move into the objective zone or it will end the mission, I have set the radius to be super small so you have to be right on top of it for it to complete. Another note is to make sure you delete the engine you spawn in or the game WILL CRASH when you give your train a move order from the new set path context menu. Also any locomotive you see that has its headlights on will need to be deleted and spawned back in using the spawn menu, I haven't tried to use them in a consist yet but it is possible they will also crash the game since the AI did have control of them and had a service attached just like the player locomotives did.


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Myron 5 Dec 2023

I see this unneccessary as we have freeroam now but whatever

Avatar of Ligithin
Ligithin 12 Dec 2023

It is unless you want to use an SD40-2 or GP38. Also some folks do like static rolling stock as well. I have been unable to get any of the CSX or UP SD/GP units to load up when spawned into the game in free roam been an issue since TSW3.

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Myron 12 Dec 2023

ah alright

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28 Nov 2023
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