Union Pacific F7

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"We're the Union Pacific, and we've got the right of way!" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31R3SqXW0Sw

In time for Sherman Hill, here is the EMD F7 in the livery of the Union Pacific. It contains both the A and B units.

I used Muff's Logo Pack to make this livery.

Update: Minor change to the matt 'anti-glare' green on the nose to fix handrail colour.


Clinchfield Railroad DLC
Muff's Logo Pack (version 4.26 was used to create this livery)
TSW 2 Livery Manager

Installation Instructions

Use the TSW2 Livery Manager to install the livery.

Because of the way TSW2 works it will only allow you to select the A unit livery when selecting the F7 in Timetable Mode. Using the Scenario Designer allows you to select the livery for both the A and B units. Though Scenario Designer likes to have all units in a consist facing the same direction: A consist of 'AA', 'ABA' or 'ABBA' will have the rear A unit facing the same direction, rather than reversed as expected.

If you have previously downloaded this livery before the update you will need to remove ythe old livery before installing the new one.

Additional Comments

Please note that you may not make derivitive works of this livery without my prior permission. If you do want to use then simply get in touch!

Lastly, feel free to leave any comments or feedback. I hope you enjoy!

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RF_CRR_F7A;UP F7A 1466.tsw2liv 173 KB · Added 25 Nov 2021 · Downloaded 270× RF_CRR_F7B;UP F7B 1466.tsw2liv 153 KB · Added 12 Nov 2021 · Downloaded 265×

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AlphaSquad18288 23 Dec 2021

can u make NS ocs,

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Valkyrie 24 Dec 2021

I'll look into it.

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AlphaSquad18288 25 Dec 2021


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