Indiana Railroad livery for SPG SD40-2

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My oldest unfinished livery project is now finished: This Indiana Railroad livery was started in August 2020 soon after TSW2 released. However the fonts troubled me. After 2 years, I'm finally able to deliver a livery that passes my own QA. I hope you enjoy it.

Pictures of the real thing:
About INRD:


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RF_SD40-2;Indiana Railroad New.tsw2liv 254 KB · Added 12 May 2022 · Downloaded 300×


Avatar of Kcsouthern32
Kcsouthern32 12 May 2022

Sweet. Can you doe the sd70 like the INRD

Avatar of Nozomi329
Nozomi329 15 May 2022

I thought they only have SD90?

Avatar of Kcsouthern32
Kcsouthern32 16 May 2022

They do I just thought that would be cool since we don’t have a 90mac or 70mac in the game

Avatar of Madison Trains
Madison Trains 18 Jun 2022

INRD Has SD90's soon to be replaced with CSX Dash 8's.

Avatar of Madison Trains
Madison Trains 18 Jun 2022

Awesome Repaint! I railfan the indiana railroad, Im glad to see some railfanners are putting some attention to it at once.
INRD SD40-2 Is 4001-4004 ! /

BTW This is inaccurate, INRD has 4001 to 4004

Avatar of Nozomi329
Nozomi329 16 Jul 2022

Well they surely have 4006 as it went right in front of my eyes.

Avatar of Noah H Railfan
Noah H Railfan 25 May 2023

INRD 4002 is a first responders unit and 4005 is a veterans unit. Can I use your reskin and add those stickers to it?

Avatar of Nozomi329
Nozomi329 12 Jul 2023

Sure, have fun!

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