CSX F7A/B no.116/117 'Transportation' (CRR F7A/B Livery)

Officially called 'CSX-T'
Clinchfield Railroad (CRR) was the holding company that was last known as Carolina, Clinchfield and Ohio (CCO) (1908-1983).
CRR purchased the EMD F3 locomotive and named it as no.800 in 1948. The no.800 was later upgraded as EMD F7 in 1957.
no.800 served CRR in all it's life until the introduction of Family Lines System since 1972. CRR managed to operate for another 11 years until 1983, when it was formed into the Seaboard System as no.116.
The short-lifed Seaboard System moved forward as CSX in 1986, marking the 4th owner of the no.116 F7, which was renamed as CSX no.116 (F7A) and no.117 (F7B).

Point of Interest
This is CSX's first official livery.
This is the short lifed 'CSX-T' livery that surived for 7 days before getting ripped off the 'Transportation' on side.
This livery was mainly grey, with 1 Blue Belt on lower body with Black chassis. It has a blue nose all the way through roof and has 'CSX Transportation' on side.

The colour code was referenced from CSX Vintage Livery Pack for SD40 of Solicitr


Clinchfield Railroad: Elkhorn - Dante (CRR)
Raging Lighting's TSW2 Livery Manager
Muff's Logo Pack 1.4

Installation Instructions

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