UTAH SD40 '9001' (SMH SD40-2 Livery)

UTAH is the reporting mark of Utah Railway, a Class III Railway from State of Utah, operate in Utah and Colorado, under Genesee & Wyoming(G&W)'s control, hitting 110 years old at 2022.
Utah Railway was founded in 1912, innitially named as Utah Coal Railway but cut back to Utah Railway 5 months after the foundation. The reason to found the railway was due to mines dissapointed by service from Denver & Rio Grande Railroad and decided they will handle their own coal.
UTAH was once known for using the most modern equipment available with examples of equipping Auto Stoker on their 'Santa Fe' 2-10-2 and 'Mallet' 2-6-6-2 steam locomotives. UTAH was also some of the earliest railway adapting Diesel Locomotives and using Rear Device to replace Caboose.
UTAH owns 45 miles of track themselves, and operate another 378 miles on BNSF and UP's track. Amusingly, UTAH actually stopped hauling coal since 2017. UTAH owns Salt Lake City Southern Railroad(SL) which got 25 miles track between Salt Lake City and Murray.



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