TMBL GP38-2 '3801' (SFJ GP38-2 Livery) [TSW3]

TMBL is the reporting mark of the Tacoma Rail, once known as Tacoma Municipal Belt Line, a Class III Railway based at the State of Washington.
In 1914, City of Tacoma build a streetcar line which named as Municipal Street Railway owned by the Tacoma Public Utilities. Originally the line provide traffic to industrial tideflats and within 4 years the lines are doubled. At 1918 the line extended to newly built Tacoma Port and handled massive amount of passenger traffic. Freight service was soon added and line renamed as Tacoma Municipal Belt Line. During WWII, the passenger service start transfer to bus and the railway transfered the passenger service to Tacoma Transit Company.
TMBL often handle intermodal container, Oil, chemicals, automobiles, aircraft material, scrap metal, lumber and building products. The railway was cut into 3 division named as Tidelands, Lakewood and Mountain (a bit amusing to me).
The Tidelands is the original lines serving the port, cargo was transfered to BNSF and UP.
The Lakewood, also known as Point Defiance Bypass Line, located between Dupont and South Tacoma, was taken over in 2004 from BNSF.
The Mountain, also known as Tacoma Rail Mountain Division (TRMW), was owned directly by City of Tacoma instead of Tacoma Public Utilities and thus has it's own reporting mark. It was the tail end of former Milwaukee Road(MILW) and was taken over since 1998. The line was from Tacoma through Frederickson, where it splits with one line from Eatonville to Morton, and another to McKenna.
The no.3801 was an ex-UP unit number as 386. TMBL purchased it at 2005.
The livery has a red base with a white belt across the whole locomotive, with 'TACOMA RAIL' on each side and on cab. 'TACOMA PUBLIC UTILITIES' was written below 'TACOMA RAIL' on cab side.
Due to DTG's modelling issue, this livery has a lot of area that 'leaked' paint, also the front number plate was randomized. Thus, only rear number plate recieved '3801', the front number plate was red instead of white and multiple leak of paint appeared. Right side's 'TACOMA RAIL' was moved near cab too.


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