SW SD40-2 '3103' (CJP SD40-2 Livery) [TSW3]

WAIT! Before you think 'Oh dear another random fictional livery that has almost nothing painted', this is real livery.
SW is the reporting mark of Southwestern Railroad, a Class III Railway from the state of New Mexico, formed in 1990 and for13 years leased BNSF's Carlsbad Division which, amusingly, does not connect to SW's own Whitewater Division.
In 1990, SW managed to acquire ATSF's trackage of North East of the Whitewater (hence the division's name). In 1994, another 27 miles of track acquired from ATSF between Whitewater and Peruhill. SW finally acquired the BNSF's Deming Subdivision from Rincon to Deming and Peruhill with 60 miles of track. Although SW set their headquarter at Deming, Whitewater was choosed for divison name instead.
Between 2004 and 2017, SW leased BNSF's Carlsbad Subdivision with 182 miles in total including two spur line length 20 and 24 miles each. BNSF resumed control of the line in 2017.
The 3103's history was CP's 5526 (as SD40), CEFX 3103 (as SD40-2), GCFX 3103 then as SW 3103. The white livery was at least back in 2001 until 2019.




Cajon Pass: Barstow - San Bernardino (CJP)
Raging Lighting's TSW3 Livery Manager


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