Crossrail---ECC TRAXX '185 581' (DRA 185 Livery)

Ewals Cargo Care is a Dutch Logistic Company operated with 14 countries. ECC caused great impact on road logistic by developing the Mega Trailer, which has an 25% increased capacity compare to other trailer in 1990s.
Not a lot of information about this specific locomotive, but it should be related with the Swiss Crossrail AG that hand over the Freight Forwarding Service to ECC. Likely they also provided Locomotive for ECC to operate in rail freight.
This livery was not made by me but Andy, who also created the WCL locomotive liveries.
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Nahverkehr Dresden (DRA) DLC
Raging Lighting's TSW2 Livery Manager

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26 Jan 2022
26 Jan 2022
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