NS 700 (Vossloh G400B) '701' (G6 Livery)

Considered as Historic due to similarity of G400B and G6
Apparantly, NS purchased a total of 13 G400B which formed the entire 2nd batch of G400B. However, the english wikipedia claim it was the NedTrain, locomotive maintainence company, which seperated from NS since 1990 and was considered as different company from NS. Yet, mulitple sources online shows there is indeed a number of G400B painted in the NS colour.
This livery was based on the no.701.
Explanation by Alexstrostar Nedtrain used to be an independent company within the NS group offering rolling stock maintaince to NS as well as other operators. Nowadays they're just called NS Techniek I believe, but still offer services to other operators
This should explain why some locomotive carried NS livery instead of the Nedtrain.

Picture from Matty P's Railway Pics.


Rhein-Ruhr Osten (RRO) DLC
Raging Lighting's TSW2 Livery Manager
Muff's Logo Pack 1.4

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4 Apr 2022
4 Apr 2022
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