ŽRSMT MŽ 443 002 'Transport Skopje' (DRA BR185 livery)

Thank you nie Kolejarz for producing the Cyrillic writing on the side of locomotive
Železnici na Republika Severna Makedonija Transport (ŽRSMT) is the operator of the Macedonian Railway (Makedonski Železnici(MŽ)).
Back in 2017, the Makedonski Železnici Transport(MŽT) ordered 4 MŽ 443 locomotives from the CRRC ZhuZhou Locomotive. These locomotives have a power of 4800kw and was capable to haul 1600tons with single locomotive at 17‰ (1.7%). CRRC planned to deliver the MŽ 443 in 2018 but was delayed to 2019. 443 001 was kept on Chinese Railway Network to test and result as 443 002 the first to arrive Macedonia Railway which by then changed the operator name as Železnici na Republika Severna Makedonija Transport (ŽRSMT). The arrival of MŽ 443 fixed the issue of long waiting time of freight of border between Serbia and North Macedonia.
By interpretation from nie Kolejarz, the writing on side should roughly means 'Macedonian Railway---Transport Skopje'.


Nahverkehr Dresden (DRA) DLC
Raging Lighting's TSW2 Livery Manager

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