DB Gebrauchtzug 143 326-7 'Miete mich!' (DCZ BR143 Livery)

A work of Andy
DB Gebrauchtzug (literally: DB Used Train) was part of the DB Regio. Gebraucht provide rental and resale service for ex-passenger service locomotive served DB (or at least that's what they self-marketed, should be reasonable as Regio's locomotive supposed to be pax-only). These locomotive are still capable of working with some surprisingly good units which will be listed below.
DB Gebrauchtzug can provide the following locomotives:
BR 215
BR 218
BR 101
BR 111
BR 112
BR 114
BR 115
BR 120
BR 143
BR 181

We might never know why BR 101 was listed there as it certainly wasn't used by Regio (or at least I didn't know it). Just like we might never know why the BR 143 326-7 got such unique livery compare to other 143s...
Word on the side said the following:
Your train, our loco
Rent me!
Rent or buy vehicles

326-7 rented to Welder Franz Logistik(WFL) in 14/03/2022 https://www.bahnbilder.de/bild/deutschland~e-loks~br-143-fotos/1291323/wfl-mit-der-angemieteten-143-326-7.html


Tharandter Rampe: Dresden - Chemnitz (DCZ) DLC
Raging Lighting's TSW2 Livery Manager
Muff's Logo Pack 1.4

Installation Instructions

See this Video:

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21 Jul 2022
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