HVLE TRAXX F140 AC2 '185 583-2' (KWG BR185 Livery) [TSW3]

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HVLE, Havelländische Eisenbahn as full name, was used in 2006 for the company originally known as Osthavelländische Kreisbahnen (OHK) since 1892, later changed to Osthavelländische Eisenbahn AG (OHE) during 1941 to 2006. The company was founded in Osthavelland District of Province of Brandenburg as an industrial railway. Since the other railway company, Osthannoversche Eisenbahnen (OHE) was sharing the same short form, the name was changed to the HVLE.
HVLE has close relationship with Bombardier as they provide service to the ex-LEW/AEG/Adtranz/Bombardier factory located at Henningsdorf. HVLE take over the Wustermark Yard from DB in the Havelland District in 2008. HVLE actively cooperate with Polish partners to provide cross border service with TRAXX locomtoives. The main services are constructive logistics such as lime. Great success on bulk load was achieved with 3200t service hauled by Voith Maxima locomotives.
3 BR185 was owned by HVLE, namely 583, 640 and 641.
Fixed the orange on top of each side---It should be silver. User downloaded before 2th of Dec 2022 please download and replace the livery again.


Schnellfahrstrecke Kassel - Würzburg (KWG) DLC


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CapitolLimited 28 Nov 2022

Very nice livery

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