BR Class 08 - St. Piran

In 2019 the British Rail Class 08 shunter 08 645 was repainted as St. Piran. Named after the patron saint of Cornwall (Kernow), it features St. Piran's flag (the Cornish flag) addorning the side of the locomotive and a plate with the saint's name. It is currently in service with Great Western Railway, based down at Long Rock Deport next to Penzance, and can be seen shunting the Night Riviera stock to and from the station and depot. It will be an exciting loco to use on the upcoming West Cornwall DLC from Rivet Games.

Whilst this livery isn't truly exact to the prototype, I feel it is close considering the limitations of the TSW 2 Livery Designer. I hope you enjoy!


This livery is for the British Rail Class 08 shunter which comes with the following DLCs:
Tees Valley Line
Heavy Freight Pack (add on for Northern Trans Pennine)
Diesel Legends of the Great Western (add on for Great Western Express)

Additionally you will need the TWS2 Livery Manager to install the livery.

Muff's logo pack is not required for this livery.

Installation Instructions

Use the TSW2 Livery Manager to install the livery.

Additional Comments

I made this livery with thanks from Ant Craft. I used his First branded Class 08 livery as the starting point for my work.
Huge thanks for letting me use your livery to create this!I recommend you to check out his other works:

Because this livery is based off of the work of another you may not edit this livery without permission.

Tags: 08 class-08 great-western-railway gronk gwr repaint


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21 Sept 2021
21 Sept 2021
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