BR Class 37 - Launceston Castle (Night Riviera)

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This fictional skin for the BR Class 37 is based on the non-fictional BR Class 57 'Bodysnatchers' operated today by Great Western Railway (amongst others). GWR uses their fleet of 4 exclusively to run the 'Night Riviera' sleeper service between Paddington, London and Penzance, Cornwall. The Night Riviera is the sleeper version of the day-time Cornish Riviera Express service, and runs both ways 6 times a week. More information about the Night Riviera can be found here:

To make this livery I used a fair amount of artistic license. As GWR do not operate any 37s I had to make many judgements on the application of this livery. I decided to name this loco 'Launceston Castle', continuing the naming convention of the GWR 57s after Cornish and Devon castles. This also harks back to the Castle Class steam locos operated by the original Great Western Railway.

One known issue is the application of the loco info box and the loco number; because these are hardcoded into the loco by Rivet Games they cannot be altered or painted over. So sadly, we are stuck with them in this livery. However, because they are a dark grey on the dark GWR green they do not stand out that much, in my opinion.

I used Muff's Logo Pack to make this livery.

I hope you enjoy! I intend to release additional liveries to imitate the Mk3 stock GWR operate with the Night Riviera service, so stay tuned for updates (and rest assured that when the Class 47 receives LD compatability I will be working on it).


West Cornwall Local DLC
Muff's Logo Pack (version 4.26 was used to create this livery)
TSW 2 Livery Manager

Installation Instructions

Use the TSW2 Livery Manager to install the livery.

Additional Comments

Thanks to Ant Craft for reviewing this livery. You can check out his works here:

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tof70110 11 Nov 2021

Bjr Valkyrie, beautiful livery giving a mouthful to the BR 37
Good luck for the future.

Avatar of Valkyrie
Valkyrie 11 Nov 2021

Thank you!

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