[3 in 1 PACK] BR White 'Refurbrishment' Livery (GWB/TVL Class 101)

All information are from the RailCar.com, learn more about Class 101 and BR White in the Types-Class 101- Refurbishment/Livery
A total of 562 out of 590 Class 101 has been refurbished by BR during 1976 to 1984 with 264 of them recieved the BR Refurbishment White Livery.
The 1st Gen DMUs are still quite capable on regular work at 70s and BR take this chance to introduce a programe involving refurbrish of 1800 vehicles to modern standard. They carried the new BR White Livery to refresh the image.
Sadly, BR find out the white was not suitable as it will soon look dirty, BR White surived for around 10 year until the last vehicle, 59121, switched to the Blue/Grey in 1984.
Livery List
Original: TVL Version AddedThe first BR White, with a Thinner Belt on Driver side and Thicker one on the other side, no extra colour on the Gangway.
Modify: Added a Black Area around half of the carriage's width at Gangway.
Product(tion): The version actually in massive use, with a belt same size on both side located a bit lowered compare to original, and a full width Black area at Gangway (likely to prevent the area look dirty as exhaust pipe locate there).
Only BR Logo was featured, No PTE or Carriage number as I was unfamiliar with them.
1: All Version now has a darker roof (0-0-30), to match other BR liveries.
2: Original and Modify now has a BR logo in BR Blue at the Thinner Side below belt.


Diesel Legends of the Great Western (GWB) DLC
Raging Lighting's TSW2 Livery Manager
Muff's Logo Pack 1.3

Installation Instructions

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RF_DSN_BR_Class101;BR101 Refurbrish OG (TVL).tsw2liv 16 KB · Added 4 Apr 2022 · Downloaded 269× RF_GWB_Class101;BR101 Refurbrish Modify.tsw2liv 27 KB · Added 16 Dec 2021 · Downloaded 363× RF_GWB_Class101;BR101 Refurbrish Original.tsw2liv 24 KB · Added 16 Dec 2021 · Downloaded 347× RF_GWB_Class101;BR101 Refurbrish Product.tsw2liv 25 KB · Added 16 Dec 2021 · Downloaded 363×

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KCRCRailway 15 Dec 2021

Beawared: The 'Product' is the FINAL version, not the modify. The modify has a higher, thinner belt while Product(ion) has a lower, thicker belt.
Also, the last picture show the dark roof, which is now applied to all version

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