[5 in 1 PACK] BR Green 'Original Lining' Livery Pack (GWB/TVL Class 101)

All information are from the RailCar.com, learn more about Class 101 and BR Green with Original Lining in the Types-Class 101-Livery
The BR start off with the BR Green livery with the 'DMU Green'. These Livery feature 3 Cream Bands with 1 at top, 1 at bottom, and 1 curved upward after the cab. The Speed Whisker apparantly was not a thing even on some delivered fairly late. Speed Whisker, when added, often have different style depends on where it was added. In 1960s, the small yellow warning panel replaced speed whisker for greater safety. In Scottish Area, some of the BR Greens maanged to recieve a 1st Class Stripe with red buffers. And at least 1 vehicle recieved a Full Yellow End Livery.
Livery List
OG: Original Lining
Whiskers: Whisker Version
OG YP: Original Lining with Yellow Panel
OG YP 1st: Original Lining, with Yellow Panel and 1st Class Stripe
OG FYE: Original Lining, with Full Yellow End
None of the livery has any logo or train number on them as I was unable to recreate the logo and do research to make sure the numbers are right.


Diesel Legends of the Great Western (GWB) DLC
Raging Lighting's TSW2 Livery Manager
Muff's Logo Pack 1.3

Installation Instructions

See this video:

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RF_DSN_BR_Class101;BR101 Green OG (TVL).tsw2liv 34 KB · Added 4 Apr 2022 · Downloaded 220× RF_GWB_Class101;BR101 Green OG FYE.tsw2liv 43 KB · Added 25 Dec 2021 · Downloaded 251× RF_GWB_Class101;BR101 Green OG YP 1st.tsw2liv 41 KB · Added 25 Dec 2021 · Downloaded 292× RF_GWB_Class101;BR101 Green OG YP.tsw2liv 40 KB · Added 25 Dec 2021 · Downloaded 263× RF_GWB_Class101;BR101 Green OG.tsw2liv 37 KB · Added 25 Dec 2021 · Downloaded 268× RF_GWB_Class101;BR101 Green Whiskers.tsw2liv 51 KB · Added 25 Dec 2021 · Downloaded 318×


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