[5 in 1 PACK] BR Blue 'Rail Blue' Livery Pack (GWB/TVL Class 101)

All information are from the RailCar.com, learn more about Class 101 and BR Blue in the Types-Class 101-Livery
Since 1967, Rail Blue was applied on DMU. Some early version has a Yellow Panel around the same size of the BR Green one with a red buffer. On Eastern Region and Scottish Area, some has a slightly bigger Yellow Panel that covered the whole lower body. Another short lived version has not only a full yellow end but also covered the driver doors. The majority of the Rail Blue does not cover the door, with some having a 1st class stripe.
Livery List
YP: Yellow Panel
ER YP: Eastern Region Yellow Panel
YCD: Yellow Cab Door
FYE: Full Yellow End
FYE 1st: Full Yellow End, with 1st Class Stripe
1: Released
2: Added YP on TVL 2-car set
3: Added all livery on TVL 3-car set(all named with a '3' before 'TVL'
4: Adjusted the buffer's colour to red on both GWB and TVL YP version to be historically accurate
This livery share the base from the YorkLad's Class 101 Rail Blue, with the Full Yellow End one as the direct upgrade of that livery with adjusted place of the words.


Diesel Legends of the Great Western (GWB) DLC
Raging Lighting's TSW2 Livery Manager
Muff's Logo Pack 1.3

Installation Instructions

See this video:

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RF_DSN_BR_Class101_3Car;BR101 Blue ER YP 3 (TVL).tsw2liv 40 KB · Downloaded 50× RF_DSN_BR_Class101_3Car;BR101 Blue FYE 1st 3(TVL).tsw2liv 40 KB · Downloaded 48× RF_DSN_BR_Class101_3Car;BR101 Blue FYE 3 (TVL).tsw2liv 41 KB · Downloaded 43× RF_DSN_BR_Class101_3Car;BR101 Blue YCD 3 (TVL).tsw2liv 37 KB · Downloaded 46× RF_DSN_BR_Class101_3Car;BR101 Blue YP 3 (TVL).tsw2liv 40 KB · Downloaded 44× RF_DSN_BR_Class101;BR101 Blue YP (TVL).tsw2liv 37 KB · Downloaded 94× RF_GWB_Class101;BR101 Blue ER YP.tsw2liv 40 KB · Downloaded 143× RF_GWB_Class101;BR101 Blue FYE 1st.tsw2liv 40 KB · Downloaded 167× RF_GWB_Class101;BR101 Blue FYE.tsw2liv 41 KB · Downloaded 150× RF_GWB_Class101;BR101 Blue YCD.tsw2liv 37 KB · Downloaded 141× RF_GWB_Class101;BR101 Blue YP.tsw2liv 40 KB · Downloaded 37×

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