Class 37 D6851 in BR Green Livery w Small Warning Panel

After doing the Class 40 in the original British Railways Brunswick Green livery, now it is the turn of the Class 37 to be painted in BR Brunswick Green. This particular locomotive D6851 is currently owned by LSL, and in the screenshots, as a matter of coincidence, it has the TOPS number of the loco 37667 above. So whatever you want to do with this locomotive, Run Heritage Railtours, take some freight trains, spot hire charters, or even just chilling out on the West Somerset Railway if all the work is a bit too much for you. Like the previous Class 40 I did, I had to do the British Railways Crest (the ferret and dartboard) from scratch again, but this time I was referencing from my previous attempt at doing it, so again excuse me on that...but from a distance it does look genuine,


West Cornwall Local

Installation Instructions

Use Livery Manager to install the skin

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Do NOT redistribute without my permission

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RRVD_37-5;BR Green w Warning panel.tsw2liv 124 KB · Added 26 Dec 2021 · Downloaded 2,531×


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26 Dec 2021
26 Dec 2021
Train Sim World
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Train Sim World 2 before Rush Hour update (UE4 4.23)