Brush Traction Class 56 56009 '56201 MTR 1996' (NTP Class 47 Livery)

This livery is real
This is the 100th livery I submitted on TSC, thanks to ROB S this livery actually looks much better than what I originally plan to submit
56009 was originally a Trainload Coal 's locomotive. Brush Traction used it as testbed for Paxman engines of sister class members, that were refurbished at the Loughborough site.
56009 was painted with the 'British Steel Blue' that also appeared on Class 60 60006 and 60033. The 56201 was an unofficial number given by Brush.
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Unless I'm that blind, I'm pretty sure that was HK MTR's logo with 1996 written below. What was confusing is that MTR never purchased any mainline diesel locomotive from Britain, why would Brush paint a MTR logo there?
Apparantly MTR did purchased something from Brush but instead of that 56009 (which was produced in Romania), it was Battery Electric Locomotives.
MTR was born in 1979 as a urban rapid transit system thus unlike KCR who start operate railway in 1910, MTR has no need for powerful locomotives that can handle carriages and wagons. All they need is small locomotive that can handle the maintenance works.
Thus, MTR purchased 5/6/20/4/2 of these locomotives in 1983/89/96/99/2016. The first 11 can handle around 109t on 3% and the 26 after1996 can handle 160t and was used on both the Lantau Airport Railway and the Urban System.
I assume the Brush's worker are happy to draw MTR's logo in 1996 with that 20 locomotives order which sounds important in the era BR fall down.
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