CR DongFeng DF8B 'Qishuyan Loco Works' 0154 (ECW/SEHX Class 66 Livery) [TSW2/3]

The SEHX version was TSW3 only, the ECW one can be used on both TSW2 and 3
The DongFeng DF8B is a modified upgrade version of DF8, which date back to 1984 as CRRC Qishuyan Factory developed--without direct support from the Ministry of Railway-- the 16V280ZJ engine, act as one of the keystone of CR's speed raise project.
DF8B start production after 15 years of DF8. It aimed to haul freight service at 80kph. DF8B's max speed was 100kph with 3100kW and 340-480 kN (continuous-start up). It was capable of reaching the target with 5000 tons weight behind and still have extra power if need.
This one is the 0154 produced by Qishuyan Factory. CRRC Ziyang also produce this type with slight difference on details.
During the QingHai-Tibet Railway's contruction, CR planned to use a modified loco from either DF11 or DF8B series. 2 prototype named 雪域神舟 (Snow Ark) was produced and passed the test. However the Ministry of Railway changed the plan, aim to maintain this railway as reliable as possible. This result as the GE NJ2 series take over the job.
DF8B is a modernized Diesel Loco capable of it's work. It will be very leisure to drive it around the Britain's rail network with the JNA wagons.
This livery now has 2 version:
ECW: This version can be use on both TSW2 and TSW3
SEHX: This version can be used on TSW3 only, you must own the seperated Dispolok 182 loco DLC to use this


East Coastway (ECW) DLC
Southeastern Highspeed (SEHX) DLC


GitHub - RagingLightning/TSW3-LM

Author set a thread in TSC Discord's Modding Channel if need support.

Installation Instructions

See this video:
NOTICE: There are change to TSW3LM but the installation part should be the same. contact RagingLighting on TSC Discord if you need support

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