KCR MLR 'Mid-Life Refurbishment Train' (BCC Class 323 Livery) [TSW3]

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KCR, or Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation, was the ex-operator of the GuangZhou---Hong Kong Railway's Hong Kong section from 1910 to 2007.
During 1910 till1982, the railway operated as a Government Department. The railway was corporatised in 1982 with it's current name.
The KCR's name was tightly connected to the electrification project which was completed in 1983 when the local passenger service take over by the Metro Cammell AC Units from the EMD Diesels.
These units are build in 3-car set and had been seen as 6/9/12-car by coupling to each other in service. Yet this caused inconvience to passenger consider the route was turning into a rapid transit line.
From 1996 to 1999, KCR refurbrished these units by contract to GEC Alsthom, who take over the Metro Cammell in 1989.
The Mid-Life Refurbishment Train adapted the new livery with Blue and Sliverish Body and Red Doors.
Personal Thought
I made a lot of KCR liveries by now. I had seen these units in action since I was born which, by then, already see newer stock like Kawasaki SP1900 which are brilliant. Yet these old units, build in an era I (luckily) not belong to, still being strong and formed the backbone of the service.
I think the 323 one is the most satisfying one I can made because it operate in Birmingham, where the KCR's unit born, and was produced by Hunslet Transportation Projects, which the engineers were from the Metro Cammell.
The 323 does not feature a gangway which suit the refurbrished unit's image compare to 377, it was also more 'round' than the 314, making this the train that best suit the livery.
All the MLR has been scraped now, marking the ex-KCR line marched into the future where we shall see more frequent service and trains with a higher average speed, a brighter future for us the passengers.

The MLR unit E61/E110 operating on the last day of MLR services on the ex-KCR, now MTR East Rail Line

The MLR unit E77 operating on the KCR East Rail few days before the merge of MTR and KCR in 2007


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