F40 Amtrak Livery + BPE TT

Honk Honk, its time to bring the red,white and blue back to Boston!

This pack features both a reskin and a timetable which puts the F40 onto BPE!


For this reskin/timetable to work you must have:

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ShibF40Amtrak.pak 5 MB · Added 25 Nov 2021 · Downloaded 576× TS2Prototype-AL_RH_F40PHSFJ_BPE.pak 12 KB · Added 25 Nov 2021 · Downloaded 435×


Avatar of KCRCRailway
KCRCRailway 26 Nov 2021

Love the time you actually see F40's Rear :P

Avatar of TheShotte
TheShotte 26 Nov 2021

Yeah they look good from behind 😁

Avatar of TheShotte
TheShotte 26 Nov 2021

Why 2 paks? What's the deal?

Avatar of acela2163
acela2163 26 Nov 2021

One's a livery, the other's a timetable mod.

Avatar of Dinosbacsi
Dinosbacsi 29 Nov 2021

Nice. In what time period did these 3-stripe F40s run on the NEC? Could get into a nice retro-NEC pack with F40PHs and such

Avatar of NoOne
NoOne 8 Dec 2021

Just curious, what services does it with BPE timetable? The livery looks very good

Avatar of Dinosbacsi
Dinosbacsi 12 Mar 2022

I tought this would only replace the locomotive on the Amtrak services, but it seems to replace the MBTA's F40PHs as well. Why?

Avatar of AlphaSquad18288
AlphaSquad18288 28 Mar 2022


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