GBRF 66 Pack

This is an all in one .pak file containing 4 GBRF locos.
66757 GBRF Blue
66783 GBRF Biffa Red
66789 GBRF BR Blue
66792 GBRF Blue
These are seperate locos in their own right, carrying my modified Creators Club reskins, as well as alterations to the cab to make them feel unique.
You will need the RHTT 66 from SEHS for this to work. Whilst this loco has the neccesary controls for RHTT operation, it appears to be the only type of service that these locos wont sub onto. Maybe I can enable this in the future.

The file for these .pak skins is "GBRailfreight66.pak"

In addition Im adding another pack that you may already have, "ROBSRHTTDB66", which will add a foundation of enhancements for these locos.

Additional Comments

Big thanks to Bescot and Jetwash for being on hand to support the creation of this mod.


!!RobSRHTT66DB (1).pak 12 MB · Added 4 days ago · Downloaded 62× GBRailfreight66.pak 12 MB · Added 4 days ago · Downloaded 86×


Avatar of TheSouthernRex
TheSouthernRex 4 days ago

Really nice!

Avatar of Belle
Belle 3 days ago

Oh yes! I remember talking about this in the TS Community server, love it

Avatar of Quentin J.
Quentin J. 2 days ago

Oh that's awesome, so cool to have more variety for the 66!

Avatar of KCRCRailway
KCRCRailway 2 days ago

Was (1) in RHTT66DB pack as intended?

Avatar of Jožin
Jožin 20 hours ago

Very nice reskins!

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4 days ago
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