iR | NID BR 628.2 Verkehrsrot Repaint

  • by Nagiphaaa
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I think it's time to finally release my spin on the BR 628.2 in the Verkehrsrot livery! The first added livery in this mod is set in 1997, right when the first few regional trains were repainted into the new colours, due to which the livery is relatively clean. Since this timeframe perfectly fits Mainz-Koblenz, this livery also substitues into said route and will bring even more colourfulness into the Rhine Valley. I'm considering adding more variations later, but I won't promise anything for now. As always, feel free to reach out on the TSC Discord if you have any questions, suggestions or bug reports. Enjoy!

by Nagiphaaa
Version 1.0

Installation Instructions

Place iR_NID_DBTFG97_95800628_Rep_v1_0.pak in (Game Directory)\Train Sim World 3\WindowsNoEditor\TS2Prototype\Content\DLC.

Tags: br-628 dbag niddertalbahn repaint verkehrsrot


iR_NID_DBTFG97_95800628_Rep_v1_0.pak 3 MB · Added 2 Apr 2023 · Downloaded 537×


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2 Apr 2023
2 Apr 2023
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