Sherman Hill All UP Sub In

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This mod adds all UP branded locos to Sherman Hill as drivable locos.
This mod also works with the Gen8 timetable enabler!

(Sub mods may not always work and may make certain services unplayable)

Known issues:
Currently none found


For this mod to work you must own:
Cane Creek Subdivision
Sherman Hill: Cheyenne - Laramie
San Francisco - San Jose


Tags: gp38 union-pacific up


ShibShermanUPLoco.pak 8 KB · Added 14 Feb 2022 · Downloaded 739×


Avatar of Triple
Triple 14 Feb 2022

Really like this mod.

Just a suggestion: Would it be possible to fix the amount of services for each loco a bit? The AC4400CW has 91, the SD70ACe has 110, the GP38-2 has 102 and the SD40-2 only has 11. I feel like the GP38 should be the one only on shunting services and the SD40 on the longer services etc.

Avatar of Mr.Shiiba
Mr.Shiiba 18 Feb 2022

There is a second version of this mod which is unreleased which limits the GP38 to shunting services, as for the AC4400 having less services this is because some services require 4 SD70s which I felt might struggle with any subbed in locos.

Avatar of W2SJW
W2SJW 14 Feb 2022

Is the console timetable enabler required for this?

Avatar of DistantCase
DistantCase 23 Apr 2022

no not required, but works with.

Avatar of M-A-X
M-A-X 9 Jul 2022

Great mod!

One for the pennisula corridor will nice

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