Great Western Express Upgraded Lighting

Hey guys. I've made some big visual improvements to the station, railway and street lighting on the Great Western Express route.

Changes include:

  • New halogen platform lights (old orange lights)
  • New LED platform lights (white lights)
  • New yard/depot lights
  • Improved road lighting with better illuminance and range
  • All changes include a brand new colour temperature representing their real life colours, as well a more realistic spread an increased light illuminance (brighter)


Great Western Express route

Installation Instructions

To install, simply download from the link and place the .pak inside your DLC folder, located at: ...steamapps\common\Train Sim World 2\WindowsNoEditor\TS2Prototype\Content\DLC

Additional Comments

All feedback and constructive critisism welcome.

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Avatar of Hand92250
Hand92250 25 Jul 2022

Very good job, thanks !

Avatar of IsambardKingdomBrunel

Many thanks lm.

Avatar of Khonsu
Khonsu 26 Jul 2022

any recomended time to play on the route to fully apriciate your fantastic mod?

Avatar of JustRight
JustRight 8 Sept 2022

Hi there mate,

I have just discovered that this mod causes TSW3 to crash when loading the Island Line 2022 route. Goodness knows why this Great Western mod would have anything to do with the Island Line 2022, but lots of testing has proved that with the mod installed the game crashes and without the mod the game loads and runs the Island Line 2022 route. I tried a number of other routes and they seemed OK with your mod installed, but not the Island Line 2022.


Avatar of Simon
Simon 27 Feb 2023

After spending quite a few hours of elimination I realized the same thing that this mod causes IOW to crash. It's not until arriving back on this page and reading your post I see my diagnosis was correct. At least it's good to have my discovery validated. Thats the beauty of TSW Mod Manager, at least I can easily switch it on and off when I need to.

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25 Jul 2022
25 Jul 2022
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