Modified Time of Day System for Rapid Transit

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Short description: This mod transfers over the DRA time of day system to RT, along with a few of my own modifications.

From experiment to reality, I managed to port over DRA's TOD system to RT. However, some bits of lighting and weather behaviour didn't really match my expectations, so I adjusted the lighting for sunset/sunrise lighting and made it so a lot less light can pass through clouds, eliminating the pesky hard shadows that used to be present even at full cloud strength. Other minor changes include other cloud, shadow and night/moon changes.

Screenshots and videos uploaded here are used with the base game Engine.ini file, for custom ones your experience may vary.
(I have also a 24h timelapse I pretty much recorded on accident if you want)

Known issues
  • Rapid Transit really wasn't built with this kind of lighting in mind, so a lot of station lights can look very weird at night. Only thing that can fix this is if someone goes through all of the route and adjusts every light source and ideally adds a lot more, and that's not gonna be me. :P
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-Aurora Bee


  • Rapid Transit

Installation Instructions

Recommended: Use the TSW Mod Manager.


  1. Find your install directory/folder for TSW2
  2. Copy the .pak file into the "[install path]\TrainSimWorld2\TS2Prototype\Content\DLC" folder
  3. Enjoy!

Additional Comments

Patch Notes

31 July 2022:

  • Fixed an issue where the Scenaio Planner button wasn't selectable.

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Avatar of annadess
annadess 28 Jul 2022

Hey all, there's been a bug found where the scenario planner doesn't work with this mod, I'm trying to get a fix out as soon as possible

Avatar of annadess
annadess 31 Jul 2022

Found the problem, it was something I'd literally never expect until now but whatever, uploading a new version now.

Avatar of Hand92250
Hand92250 31 Jul 2022

Good job, thanks !

Avatar of annadess
annadess 31 Jul 2022

Thank you!

Avatar of annadess
annadess 2 Oct 2022

Seems to work for TSW3. Bumping version compatibility.

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31 Jul 2022
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