DE Wrong Menu Spawn Vehicle Fixes

A lot of older TSW routes suffer from an issue that causes any Multiple Unit spawned from the menu to spawn with the wrong vehicle at the front in certain directions, leading to an unrealistic consist. On SKA, this means that all ICE 3M Units spawn with a 2nd Class vehicle at either end of the consist and some Talent 2s end up with two Pantographs rather than one, both of which are wrong. Sometimes this also occours between routes, with the BR 422 from HRR appearing at the front of the RRO version.

This Mod fixes those issues on a per route basis, including where it happens across routes. Currently there are versions for SKA, HRR, HMA, RRO and RT. Please get in contact with me when this issue is apparent on routes I didn't list here.

Thanks to annadess for making the RT version of the mod.

Disclaimer: These mods only support formations used in timetables up to the mods release date, when the vehicles are used in a future add-ons or mods, the corresponding vehicles might be missing in the menu. Please inform me as soon as that's the case. Also like with my other formation mods, this is a largely untested prerelease version. Please inform me if you encounter anything unusual with the trains on the corresponding routes.

Compatibility with other Mods

To make the SKA version of the mod compatible with TS2Prototype-AL_RH_1DB403_406_SUB by Alexander L., add a ! to the file name of Alexander's mod.

The Rapid Transit version of the mod also disables substitution for the BR 1442 (S-Bahn MD) so it doesn't appear on Tharanther Rampe. Please disable the BR 1442 (RT) Substitution Disabled Mod for this mod to work correctly.

Support My Work

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20 November 2022

Update for TP-HRR-Wrong-Menu-Spawn-Vehicle-Fix to v0.2

  • Remade the mod for TSW 3, fixed 425's formation name as well as country filter and flag not working in the menu
17 April 2022

Added TP-RT-Wrong-Menu-Spawn-Vehicle-Fix-v0_1.pak

02 March 2022

Added TP-HMA-Wrong-Menu-Spawn-Vehicle-Fix-v0_1.pak
Added TP-RRO-Wrong-Menu-Spawn-Vehicle-Fix-v0_1.pak

25 February 2022

Added TP-HRR-Wrong-Menu-Spawn-Vehicle-Fix-v0_1.pak
Added TP-SKA-Wrong-Menu-Spawn-Vehicle-Fix-v0_1.pak


TP-HMA-Wrong-Menu-Spawn-Vehicle-Fix-v0_1.pak 8 KB · Downloaded 767× TP-HRR-Wrong-Menu-Spawn-Vehicle-Fix-v0_2.pak 15 KB · Downloaded 280× TP-RRO-Wrong-Menu-Spawn-Vehicle-Fix-v0_1.pak 12 KB · Downloaded 718× TP-RT-Wrong-Menu-Spawn-Vehicle-Fix-v0_1.pak 22 KB · Downloaded 581× TP-SKA-Wrong-Menu-Spawn-Vehicle-Fix-v0_1.pak 17 KB · Downloaded 1,016× TSW3 readme.txt 1 KB · Downloaded 59×

Previously uploaded files have been downloaded 653 times before being withdrawn.


Avatar of Klara_UwU
Klara_UwU 26 Feb 2022

Finally someone fixed this! Thank you :)

Avatar of TaskPlays
TaskPlays 26 Feb 2022


Avatar of annadess
annadess 2 Oct 2022

TP-RT-Wrong-Menu-Spawn-Vehicle-Fix-v0_1.pak seems to be working for TSW3 (and is still needed to make some services playable). Not sure about the others, haven't tested yet.

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