Birmingham Cross City & Southeastern High Speed - Adjusted Signal Approach Release From Red

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As someone who's worked for several of the UK rail companies since BR, I loved the fact that DTG added approach control from red signalling to TSW3. It is just a little too restrictive.

The game's default behaviour forces you down, and to remain at approx 15mph for some distance before the signal steps up, sometimes bringing you to a near stand.

Most locations on routes I signed with 15mph-25mph turnouts and approach release signals will (when the route is cleared) check you down then release with a route indicator around 180-200yds before the signal, if you're driving to a defensive driving policy of 20mph over the AWS magnet.

I've altered the timed track circuit length so it behaves more like my experiences.

Installation Instructions

Drag the selected pak to your TSW3 DLC folder.

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Bescot-BCC-ApproachControl.pak 21 KB · Downloaded 103×

Birmingham Cross City (TSW3)

Bescot-SEHx-ApproachControl.pak 17 KB · Downloaded 508×

South Eastern High Speed (TSW3)


Avatar of JustusLM
JustusLM 2 days ago

Great mod! Only after installing this did I fully realize just how restrictive the default is.

Will there be a similar mod for the Cross-City Line at some point?

Avatar of Bescot
Bescot 2 days ago

Thankyou! The approach control in X City seems to be technically more advanced that SEH. It's already pretty good IMO

Avatar of Bescot
Bescot 2 days ago

Ok, I've added a mod for Cross City now.

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