Southeastern High Speed - Hoo Junction Yard Update

  • by Bescot
  • Downloaded 3,446 times
  • Adds floodlights to Hoo Yard, gantries, telegraph poles, more weeds, flora, and clutter. Hedgerows and trees on the boundaries.
  • Removed streetlights from yard areas and replaced with lights on telegraph poles.
  • Also adds more lamposts to Ashford Int. platforms, as there were some missing.
  • Optional brown dirty ballast pak (see screenshots) NB This will replace all ballast on the route.

Compatible with the SEHS Enhancement Pack.

3 Oct 2022: AM Updated to fix fps issue at Ashford and add the gantries at Hoo Jn.

3 Oct 2022: PM Updated to:
Remove unrealistic streetlights from eastern side of yard
Different types of flora added.

Installation Instructions

Drag Pak or Paks to TSW3 DLC folder

Additional Comments

FPS will drop slightly in the yard. I've optimised as much as I can by using single foliage asset for the whole yard.

Tags: hoo lighting mmm-weed


!Bescot-SEHx-DarkBallast.pak 18 MB · Added 2 Oct 2022 · Downloaded 1,367× !Bescot-SEHx-Hoo2.pak 6 MB · Added 3 Oct 2022 · Downloaded 1,923×

Previously uploaded files have been downloaded 156 times before being withdrawn.


Avatar of WEELOO77
WEELOO77 2 Oct 2022

Great work!

Avatar of Anthony Amtrak
Anthony Amtrak 2 Oct 2022

FPS destroyed at Ashford.

Avatar of Bescot
Bescot 3 Oct 2022

Apols, fix uploaded. I intended to fix the non working lights inside the depot, and put them shadow casting - reverted to default lights for the time being.

Avatar of Hand92250
Hand92250 3 Oct 2022

Good job !

Avatar of CapitolLimited
CapitolLimited 4 Oct 2022

Top mod!

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