West Cornwall Local Scenery additions (V2 9\5\23. With bonus 158 player only sub for service mode.

This mod will add landmark representations and other scenes to West Cornwall Local.
With this mod you will see-
A rebuilt St Michaels Mount. It will appear taller and be seen from far and wide.
A representation of the LLoyds building and St Marys Church as well as a more dense townscape, covering up alot of the inaccurate, default foliage.
Again increased draw distance for Penzance so it will appear as you round the Coastline.
A better representation of St Ives.
Burngallow junction siding foliage detail
Godrevy Point Lighthouse. Custom built and given great draw distance so can be seen from Carbis Bay and St Ives.
Hayle. I have done what I can to better fillout the town either side of the viaduct. Due to not being able to see the terrain whilst editing. The odd asset may clip the ground. Ive tried to disguise this as much as possible. As a result. Unless you go hunting for issues, They shouldnt be apparent.
Please make sure you check the required DLC to make this work.
This mod will work with other scenery mods WCL revisited by apaytt and the WCL ep by Sprattyheath.

Thanks to Muff and Will for providing the tools aswell as Bescot for help and tips.

NEW 2 files that in combination will enable the 158 from Midland Mainline to be part of the WCL timetable.
It was decided best that the 158 be a player only train. Giving you full control over what will appear on the route and a chance to use some of the fantastic liveries appearing on Creators Club. Thanks to AdstrainsUK for providing this.


West Cornwall Local
Great Western Express
Riesa Dresden (Rush hour)
SEHS London Faversham

For the 158 Sub You need Midland Mainline
Install both LDN158 and Driversubonly pak files for it to work.


highly recomended


!!!TS2Prototype-150Driversubonly.pak 4 KB · Added 30 Apr 2023 · Downloaded 432× !!TS2Prototype-WCLtilesV2.pak 595 KB · Added 9 May 2023 · Downloaded 520× LDN_158.pak 341 KB · Added 30 Apr 2023 · Downloaded 390×

Previously uploaded files have been downloaded 178 times before being withdrawn.


Avatar of Hand92250
Hand92250 30 Apr 2023

Good job !

Avatar of ROB S
ROB S 30 Apr 2023

Thanks Hand92250

Avatar of Boa
Boa 30 Apr 2023


also I finally have tsw 3, and your other mods (which only work on tsw 3) are so good!

Avatar of ROB S
ROB S 30 Apr 2023

Thanks Boa

Avatar of Thrasher37
Thrasher37 1 May 2023

does anyone know if thers going to be an enhanced MML or has everyone refunded it

Avatar of ROB S
ROB S 1 May 2023

Theres an update from Skyhook and a modders ep on the way.

Avatar of Thrasher37
Thrasher37 1 May 2023

not to optimistic about the Skyhook update. moders alwasy doing the best enhancements i.e this and gwe, just wish their was a way to have cantenery for the whole gwe route if its even possible

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30 Apr 2023
9 May 2023
Train Sim World
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Train Sim World 3
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Midland Main Line: Leicester - Derby & Nottingham, West Cornwall Local: Penzance - St Austell & St Ives