South Eastern High Speed Scenery Addons

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This mod will add various bits of foliage and clutter to the following areas of the London to Faversham route -
Ebbsfleet to Springhead, added weeds, grass, electrical boxes, rubbish, trees.
Strood, added cars, various clutter, more foliage.
Gillingham, added foliage and bushes to fill in gaps of incomplete fencing around the level crossing.
Note- you will need Great Western Express for this mod to work.


Great Western Express


Highly recommended scenery addition


!TS2Prototype-SEHSmap.pak 54 KB · Added 3 May 2023 · Downloaded 1,172×


Avatar of Quentin J.
Quentin J. 3 May 2023

Tuly a must have mod!! Great job on this one.

Avatar of ROB S
ROB S 3 May 2023

Thanks Quentin, glad you like it.

Avatar of Boa
Boa 3 May 2023

Another incredible mod by you!

Avatar of ROB S
ROB S 3 May 2023


Avatar of Markano
Markano 17 Oct 2023

I found some strange black tree on Strood, hope you can fix it

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3 May 2023
3 May 2023
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