UK Route Vegetation & Grass EP

This mod swaps older style foliage, vegetation and grass to the newer style introduced by DTG in Peak Forest in most older UK routes.
These foliage textures have much improved level of detail (LODs). The grasses are more dense, lush and have a greater draw distance.
Some terrain grass and embankment textures have been replaced to match the colour of the new grasses.

  • You MUST have TSW3 and Peak Forest installed!
  • Ensure you DO NOT have any UK Material Mod paks installed, as those mods unfortunately kill procedural grasses placed on ballast textures.

Updated 06 Aug 23: Improved grass terrain textures on London-Brighton and made a change to Birmingham Cross City to prepare for a new mod
Updated 03 July 23: Improved grass terrain textures on Edinburgh - Glasgow
Updated 27 June 23 to add Manchester - Glossop / Hadfield support

Release 14 June 2023:

The mod will affect (transform hopefully!) these UK routes:

Birmingham Cross-City Line
Brighton Main Line: London Victoria - Brighton
Cathcart Circle Line: Glasgow - Newton & Neilston
East Coastway: Brighton - Eastbourne & Seaford
Great Western Express
Midland Main Line: Leicester - Derby & Nottingham
Northern Trans-Pennine: Manchester - Leeds
ScotRail Express: Edinburgh - Glasgow
Southeastern Highspeed
Spirit of Steam: Liverpool Lime Street - Crewe
Tees Valley Line: Darlington – Saltburn-by-the-Sea
West Cornwall Local: Penzance - St Austell & St Ives
West Somerset Railway

Updated 17 June 2023:

Added Bakerloo Line
Improved 3D grass and grassy terrain blending across most routes.

Updated 27 June 2023:

Added Manchester - Hadfield / Glossop

Updated 03 July 2023:

Improved grass terrain textures on Edinburgh - Glasgow

NB: If you are using foliage.LODDistanceScale >1 in an engine.ini edit, to avoid any over-dithered distant trees (leaves become semi-transparent) then ensure you also set r.ViewDistanceScale to a matching value. Try =3 for both.


Peak Forest Railway: Ambergate - Chinley & Buxton

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Avatar of Taliesin
Taliesin 18 Jun 2023

Wonderful stuff. It does transform the routes. Really makes a difference. Thank you. I have deleted the Bescot Foliage pak. I trust this is correct.

Avatar of Bescot
Bescot 18 Jun 2023

Thankyou! Yes, thats correct. Delete the older version. I forgot to mention that.

Avatar of pepe43007
pepe43007 6 Jul 2023

Great work, any chance you could change the powerstation on the mml to a sandy colour from grey to be more like they are?

Avatar of Bescot
Bescot 6 Jul 2023

That's being done as part of a big MML enhancement pack. Should be coming out fairly soon.

Avatar of pepe43007
pepe43007 7 Jul 2023

oh thank you. nice job :)

Avatar of Deathmaw
Deathmaw 8 Jul 2023

Sorry to be a bother, trying to work out if this is applying for me or not.
Is there any place on a map I can go that the change is SUPER obvious?
Also, will this still apply to routes if I have other mods, like the enhancement packs?

Avatar of JetWash
JetWash 8 Jul 2023

No bother!

If you have Peak Forest installed and put this in the DLC folder then you have it.

It is really, properly obvious on NTP amongst others. It applies to all the routes listed and works independently of, and is compatible with, any enhancement packs.

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12 Jun 2023
6 Aug 2023
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Bakerloo Line, Birmingham Cross-City Line, Cathcart Circle Line: Glasgow - Newton & Neilston, East Coastway: Brighton - Eastbourne & Seaford, Great Western Express, Midland Main Line: Leicester - Derby & Nottingham, Northern Trans-Pennine: Manchester - Leeds, Rush Hour - London Commuter - Brighton Main Line: London Victoria - Brighton, ScotRail Express: Edinburgh - Glasgow, Southeastern Highspeed, Spirit of Steam: Liverpool Lime Street - Crewe, Tees Valley Line: Darlington – Saltburn-by-the-Sea, West Cornwall Local: Penzance - St Austell & St Ives, West Somerset Railway