Class 385 Screen Brightness

  • by JetWash
  • Downloaded 444 times

A small mod to complement my TSW3 / TOD4 Lighting Overhaul changes to further control the crazy over-exposed brightness of the 385 cab

The 3 screenshots show the default screens, then the screens with the lighting overhaul changes and then finally the screens with both those changes and this mod

NOTE - You can, of course, use this mod without the ini changes if that's your thing and it will still improve things drastically


Designed to complement this mod


!!!385Screen.pak 148 KB · Added 6 Aug 2023 · Downloaded 444×


Avatar of KCRCRailway
KCRCRailway 7 Aug 2023

Saved our eyes, maybe also one for the Double Decker Cabcar from NECNYT which has a damn bright screen that does nothing above players head? The main screen was also too bright there.

Avatar of JetWash
JetWash 7 Aug 2023

Have a look at my lighting mod linked above. That should help massively.

Avatar of Pangpang6
Pangpang6 13 Aug 2023

In which file do I need to put this file?

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