Birmingham Cross City - Scenery Update (Foliage, Lighting, Fencing & Clutter)

  • by Bescot
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This additional Cross City scenery pack will:

  • Add MUCH more foliage & vegetation across the route, giving much denser grasses and bushes closer to the lineside.
  • Fix the lighting timer on street lighting. Instead of lighting up 1900-0700hrs all year round, the lights will come on depending on the month/season
  • Add over 1000 new lights, infilling areas which were much darker than they should be. Moths beware!
  • Add fencing where it was missing
  • Add lighting and signage at Barnt Green station which was missing
  • Add lineside clutter and a few workers working on the railway
  • Add a signal box (Aston AN) near Duddeston which was missing. Not quite a protypical asset, but better than the farmhouse that was there by default
  • Remove / replace some other inappropriate building structures on some parts of the route.
  • Add the overbridge south of Barnt Green.

You MUST delete Bescot-BCC_BarntGreenSceneryTile.pak if you had this installed.

Otherwise, this IS compatible with the rest of the files in the Birmingham Cross City Line Enhancement Pack

With thanks to RobS for providing the static rail worker meshes :)


Optional (but really recommended):

Peak Forest DLC
and the Bescot/Jetwash UK Vegetation EP (The screenshots on this page were taken on BCC with these items installed)

To make the most of this scenery pack you also need the following DLC from Steam:

Paddington-Reading (GWE) for the track workers
Glasgow-Edinburgh for the New Street station clutter

Installation Instructions

Open the zip of your choice and drag the pak file into your TSW3 DLC folder

You MUST also delete Bescot-BCC_BarntGreenSceneryTile.pak from your DLC folder if you had this installed.

Additional Comments

Updated 18 August 23 - Huge update of world lighting
Updated 20 August 23 - Added alternative streetlighting type, with a mix of sodium and white LED types

Files 50 MB · Added 20 Aug 2023 · Downloaded 233×

^ A mixture of yellow sodium and white LED street lights 99 MB · Added 18 Aug 2023 · Downloaded 258×

^ Mostly yellow sodium street lights

Previously uploaded files have been downloaded 322 times before being withdrawn.


Avatar of HunsletMidland
HunsletMidland 11 Aug 2023

A game changer as always. Great stuff!

Avatar of Bescot
Bescot 15 Aug 2023

Thanks for the comment, nice username too! I'm doing some further work for this mod at the moment as the lighting in this route is lacking and a bit broken.

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20 Aug 2023
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