Class 101 PBO Destinations Pack V2

Replaced some destinations
Blackpool S
Blackpool N
(V2 Changed the Destinations displayed by the HUD)(Bescot)

Installation Instructions

Same as most paks mods

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Previously uploaded files have been downloaded 85 times before being withdrawn.


Avatar of W2SJW
W2SJW 10 days ago
My apologies, but replaced them with what? Better quality textures, etc?
Avatar of KIHA114514
KIHA114514 10 days ago

Halifax - Liverpool
Harrogate - Colne
Hull - Preston
Hartlepool - Blackpool S
Macclesfield - Lockerbie
Sunderland - Blackpool N
Whitby - Ormskirk
Only some of the destination boards were replaced

Avatar of Smokey
Smokey 9 days ago

These stations are not in game, right?

Avatar of Luke Barry
Luke Barry 9 days ago

rob s one is better

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