London - Brighton Revamped. (Foliage, Fencing & Clutter)

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IMPORTANT: This EP is installed as a layer - a bit like Mastery Layers - Please read the installation instructions below.

This mod:

  • Adds Thameslink Class 700 stop boards to relevant platforms: RLU for 8 car units, FLU for 12 car units, or ALL for both types of 700. These may not be protypically placed, but I added them where DTG put in the stop markers for a 0m stop*
  • Adds DOO screens/mirrors, still in situ in 2018 on stations I could research. Any missing ones you know of, you can let me know :)
  • Rebuilds the lineside between Reigate and Redhill (Level crossing at Reigate is not raisable to due being unable to place tracklinks)
  • Rebuilds the scenery on the Quarry Line section north of Sands Tunnel. Adding missing bridges, cuttings, fencing, foliage and buildings
  • Adds lineside fences across the route where they were obviously missing
  • Adds anti-trespass railings and spike mats on platform ends
  • Adds bits of lineside clutter and lighting where appropriate
  • Adds missing lighting at Balcombe platform 1
  • Adds diaramas, trackside workers etc, fully animated
  • Adds extra grass and foliage where required

With thanks to

RobS for foliage & clutter in Selhurst/Windmill Bridge/Croydon
Muff for his cook & pak mods


London Commuter London - Brighton route DLC
South Eastern High Speed route DLC
Great Western Express Paddington - Reading DLC (only for the DOO mirrors)

Works well with

Installation Instructions

Unzip the pak file into you game's DLC folder, run TSW4, then:

  1. Go to DTG Live tab at top of screen
  2. From there click the Mastery Rewards button
  3. Tick the box labelled "Bescot BML EP Scenery Layer"
  4. The added scenery will now layer onto your Brighton Mainline (London Commuter) route

There is a reason I've added this as a mastery layer, because it is easier to update/fix this way in the TSW4 Editor. You can still use the official mastery layer, or any other mods at the same time.

Additional Comments

Updated 7 Feb 24. Missing some assets in game. So recooked and packed. Mainly affected S. Croydon and Brighton
Updated 9 Feb 24 - Added more grass/foliage on lineside/embankments where there was just flat painted terrain
Updated 11 Feb 24 - Swapped DOO mirrors from requiring Bakerloo Line to Great Western Express (more accurate models), improved lineside and field foliage, added cables around railgaps on junctions, adjusted some stop boards for better 377 usage
Updated 13 Feb 24 - Added fencing and stop boards at Clapham Junction. Clutter from Vic - Streatham. Moved DOO screens to left side on down Brighton slow at Balham. Some scenery around Redhill changed. More missing fences added around Haywards Heath


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Avatar of DenisJura
DenisJura 23 days ago

Is this compatible with: TSW4 Compatible* Brighton Mainline Enhancement Pack ?

Avatar of Bescot
Bescot 23 days ago

Yes, I've got that installed too. Sorry for some reason I'm not getting message notifications any more.

Avatar of DenisJura
DenisJura 23 days ago

Hey Thanks Bescot !

Avatar of Hand92250
Hand92250 22 days ago

Thank's, good job !

Avatar of Stexred
Stexred 20 days ago

very good job!

Avatar of TheSouthernRex
TheSouthernRex 16 days ago

Great job on the new scenery editons! :)

Avatar of JohnKovacs
JohnKovacs 11 days ago

The lighting on this route is very poorly done. They haven't improved anything since TSW2 as far as daylighting is concerned. For example, I set the time to be around 12 in the afternoon, and the terrain is black as if it were dark, the facades of houses and buildings can be seen a little... or for example around 4:00 p.m. when the sun is setting, nothing can be seen, the terrain and vegetation should be clearly visible .

Avatar of Bescot
Bescot 11 days ago

But that is irrelevant here. This mod doesn't change the time of day lighting. There are other mods that help with that.

Avatar of JohnKovacs
JohnKovacs 11 days ago

I know it has nothing to do with this mod, but I don't think it exists. All the mods for this route that I have installed do not solve this problem.

Avatar of rj1
rj1 7 days ago

in my opinion the latest version of your mod makes a significant differance to the route. thanks very much

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