New Wind, Rain & Thunder Sounds (In-Cab) | TSW4 Compatible

  • by JetWash
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Updated 25/03/23 - Created again from the original samples as I noticed some clipping on the wind sounds (crackling as it hit peak volume). More importantly the rain sounded overly processed and had lost its definition, which was likely caused by the extra processing required on the TSW2 sample to enable it to work with TSW3 & TSW4 . This rework now sounds as it was originally intended.

Here are some completely new sounds for in-cab wind and rain effects, alongside a re-working of the included Thunder sounds which were, in my opinion, too quiet. These are real world samples that ebb and flow, creating much more of an ambience and feel when driving in bad weather. Additionally, whereas real thunderstorms can often cause a house to rattle I felt the included thunderclap audio was too quiet. As such I've lifted the volume as much as I could (I would like to have gone louder but it was clipping) which again sounds much more realistic.

Note - For TSW2 there are no changes from the existing version and the file remains seperate.

Sound effects obtained from


TSW2 or TSW3 / 4. Please make sure you are using the correct file for the version of the game you are running.

The TSW3 / 4 version has 'TSW3' in the name

Installation Instructions

To install just drop the .pak file into the following location:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Train Sim World 3\WindowsNoEditor\TS2Prototype\Content\DLC

To un-install simply delete the file and you will be back to the default sounds.

To install an update just drag and drop to the same folder and overwrite when promted

Tags: cab patch rain real realism sound thunder weather wind


!TSW3NewWindRainThunder.pak 5 MB · Added 25 Mar 2023 · Downloaded 3,567× NewWindandRain.pak 6 MB · Added 23 Aug 2021 · Downloaded 5,300×

Previously uploaded files have been downloaded 4,425 times before being withdrawn.


Avatar of JBViper
JBViper 18 Feb 2021

With this mod, a real pleasure to drive in the rain or during a storm. Thanks.

Avatar of zawal
zawal 3 Mar 2021

Thank you very much.
With the rain mod and the Winters mod it's great.

Avatar of DenisJura
DenisJura 13 Mar 2021

Merci, c'est super avec ce mod ! beau travail

Avatar of tof70110
tof70110 16 Jul 2021

mod audio hyper réaliste
beau travail

Avatar of Airbus Beluga
Airbus Beluga 12 Oct 2021

Is this compatible with the Epic Games Version?

Avatar of JetWash
JetWash 6 Sep 2022

I’m not sure as I don’t own it. If you tried it and had success would you mind letting me know? I can then mark it as compatible. Cheers.

Avatar of Gustav_Bergsson
Gustav_Bergsson 24 Jan 2022

This is so appreciated! Thank you

Avatar of Hand92250
Hand92250 15 Mar 2022

Good job !

Avatar of CapitolLimited
CapitolLimited 8 Apr 2022

This sounds great, but there's a noticeable 1 second of silence when driving the Brighton Main Line 377 with the windows open. Do you think you can extend the sound to mask this or fix it in any way?

Avatar of JetWash
JetWash 6 Sep 2022

Hi, with the windows open I don’t think you’d be hearing these sounds, but instead the default external audio. To my knowledge they only work in-cab with the windows closed. Please note that as per real life it is not a constant wall of noise, and both the wind and rain ebb and flow in intensity. It's possible that there will be a second or so where this audio is quiet.

Avatar of Account_42
Account_42 12 Sep 2022

Thank you very much

Avatar of MCS121
MCS121 10 Nov 2022

Thank you for this!

Avatar of Martijn189nl
Martijn189nl 19 Mar 2023

Thank you for your time and energy in making this mod!

Avatar of OleDre
OleDre 20 Mar 2023

I take it that the .pak "NewWindandRain.pak" is for TSW2? or do both .pak files get installled in either TSW2 or 3 ? I like the idea of your mod and want to give it a go.
:Disregard: I got it figured out. So far looking good and the thunder is sounding good also :)) Thank you for making it and much appreciated.

Avatar of JetWash
JetWash 22 Mar 2023

No worries! I only just saw this but glad you’ve got it working. The TSW3 is the one with it in the name, the other one is for TSW2. Because of the way this site works I didn’t want to change the name.

Avatar of Lopes
Lopes 17 Aug 2023

Do I have to install both files?

Avatar of WaveyDavey
WaveyDavey 25 Mar 2023

Am I right in thinking there is just the one file now? There is only one download link and it doesn't mention TSW3 in the title of that file.

Avatar of JetWash
JetWash 25 Mar 2023

That should be fixed now. Thanks for pointing it out!

Avatar of JetWash
JetWash 25 Mar 2023

Oops something weird has happened there. I'll resubmit, standby

Avatar of OleDre
OleDre 25 Mar 2023

No need to apologize, modding is not always going to work 100% it could and at times take a few try's, with that said thank you for making it, I do like it and any more updates in the future, add some nice thunder claps and rolling thunder, I always like a good thunderstorm. :)

Avatar of JetWash
JetWash 31 Mar 2023

Thankyou. If there’s anything I can do to improve it further I’ll definitely look to do so. I just wish I could change the volume of the sounds in individual cabs but I don’t believe that’s currently possible.

Avatar of Martijn189nl
Martijn189nl 25 Mar 2023

Thank you again for sharing the update!

Avatar of JetWash
JetWash 31 Mar 2023

Thanks! Hope you enjoy it

Avatar of OleDre
OleDre 13 Apr 2023

I just wanted to let you know that your updated mod " !TSW3NewWindRainThunder.pak " does work wth TSW2, did not hear thunder much but the rain was Great to see and hear, so much better than what was shipped from factory :)

Avatar of JustWentSouth
JustWentSouth 23 Sep 2023

This works very well with TSW4. Thank you!

Avatar of canarywharf_loooool

is this compatibale with epic games tsw4

Avatar of JetWash
JetWash 1 Nov 2023

Assuming there is a DLC folder then it should be. I don't use epic myself so can't guarantee it though

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